Saturday, August 05, 2006


26 July

Breakfast set feast after ECAD demo!

Majiam support piracy like that. NO lor. It's all sound effects CD borrowed from NP library lah. For AA and AVFE.

27 July

The after effects of cracked contact lense.

My baby for AA. Is cute can?

AVFE stress.

AA stress.

02 August

VERY nice wanton noodle at Graffiti Cafe, Heeren.

Well, it's a graffiti cafe :)

04 August

OMG can. I'm like putting on weight already and then my workplace started selling these. Seriously, like it's printed on its package, it's HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! Somemore Angeline bought two packets for us!

BEST flavour. I'm gonna make everyone else put on weight as well. HURHUR.

Will update more on the tonning over at my place for AA. Another sinful act. Maybe I should not suggest going to my house and ton next time, cos we ended up eating more than we do our work -_-; and my room is VERY nice to nua.